9 avril 2024

Lavoisier discussion : Thermal properties of 2D materials with GDR NAME

Lavoisier discussion GDR HOWDI/NAME : Thermal properties of 2D materials, Lyon, May 6-7, 2024

15 mars 2024

Summer School on Optical Spectroscopies of 1D & 2D Nanostructures

A Summer School on optical spectroscopies of 1D & 2D nanostructures will be organized by the Laboratoire Charles Coulomb at Montpellier from the 1st to the 5 th of July at the Faculté des Sciences of the Université of Montpellier.

12 mars 2024

Réunion annuelle 2024

La réunion annuelle du GDR HOWDI aura lieu cette année au Luxembourg du 30 sept. au 4 oct. 2024. Soumissions ouvertes jusqu’au 22 mai 2024.

28 novembre 2023

Lavoisier discussion : Bottom-up nano-graphenes 22-23 Jan 2024

Lavoisier discussion about the Bottom-up Synthesis of Graphene Related Materials

2 octobre 2023

Lavoisier discussion : local probes & 2D materials ; Paris 6-7 Feb, 2024

The two groupements de recherche (GDRs), NS-CPU (Nanosciences with near-field microscopies under ultra high vacuum) and HOWDI (Heterostructures of van der Waals materials with low dimensionality) jointly organise a two-half-days workshop. The objects of interest, 2D materials and their heterostructures, are essentially surfaces. They are hence ideally suited to investigations with high-resolution local probes.