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Aachen University

Christoph Stampfer’s group

Quantum Devices and 2D Materials Group 

Group leader : Christoph Stampfer

Address :
2nd Institute of Physics
RWTH Aachen University
Templergraben 55
52062 Aachen

Permanent staff : Dr. Bernd Beschoten

Overview: Our work is driven by the vision of “turning quantum properties into functions”. It combines the development of advanced processing technologies, with low-temperature transport measurements and Raman spectroscopy. The main systems under investigation are van der Waals heterostructures formed by graphene and other 2D materials, which represent a unique and still largely unexplored playground for studying quantum phenomena in solid-state systems.

Technical and instrumental facilities:

Quantum transport setups (down to 10 mK and magnetic fields up to 14T)
Confocal Raman setups (down to 4K and magnetic fields upt to 9T)

Research perspectives at short and long term :
Main research lines:
Graphene-based quantum devices
Advanced techniques for van der Waals stacking
Fundamental properties of van der Waals heterostructures
Graphene-based quantum electromechanical systems
High quality CVD graphene