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Thermal properties of 2D materials with GDR NAME (with GDR NAME)

Inscriptions and poster submissions are now open for the joint-event GDR-NAME and GDR-HOWDI on Thermal Properties of 2D materials.

Please visit the website to register and submit your posters (registration deadline 19 April 2024).

The two-day workshop will take place in Lyon on May 6th and 7th, 2024, (starting at 12:00 PM on Monday and concluding around 4:00 PM on Tuesday)

The aim of this workshop is to provide a comprehensive overview of the thermal transport properties of 2D materials from both experimental and theoretical perspectives. Our focus will be on transport properties of 2D materials and heterostructures with detailed discussions on state-of-the-art techniques and future prospects.

Each session will feature keynote lectures followed by ample time for discussion, aiming to stimulate brainstorming and foster future collaborations at the intersection of these two communities.

The workshop will cover the following themes :

2D materials for thermal energy conversion
Phononics and straintronics of 2D materials
Thermal properties of 2D materials
Processing techniques to adapt thermal properties
Characterization techniques to probe thermal and acoustic properties
Simulation techniques from the atomic to the mesoscale
Industrial needs and future prospects

The confirmed guest speakers are

Oleg KOLOSOV (2D - 3D Materials for Energy and Thermal Transport)
Marianna SLEDZINSKA (Thermal Management)
Konstantinos PAPAGELIS (Straintronics)
Julien CHASTE (Elaboration and Measurements, 2D Transport, Microheaters)
Michele LAZZERI (ab initio simulations, sound and heat transport)
Emmanuel BAUDIN (Optics and electronics of 2D devices)
Paolo BONDAVALLI (2D Topological Materials)
Jerome SAINT-MARTIN (Monte Carlo thermal transport and thermoelectrics)
Roberto D’AGOSTA (ab initio simulations, electronic and thermal transport)
Olivier BOURGEOIS (Thermal measurements)