Lavoisier Discussions

Bottom-up graphene !

Bottom-up Synthesis of Graphene Related Materials

On January 22nd and 23rd, a Lavoisier discussion will be held on Bottom-up Synthesis of Graphene Related Materials on the plateau de Saclay (south-west of Paris area), France.

The bottom-up synthesis of graphene related materials such as graphene quantum dots, nanoribbons and nanomeshes (GQD, GNR and GNM) is an extremely prolific field of research. Materials with highly controlled structures and properties have been developed by “on-surface” synthesis or by synthesis in solution. This workshop aims at federating the French and European communities working in this field through tutorials and presentations of the most recent results. It is dedicated not only to confirmed researchers in the field but also to young researchers who want to initiate projects on this topic and take part of this activity.

The workshop is organized by IRAMIS (CEA Paris-Saclay) and LuMIn (ENS Paris-Saclay) and will take place in the new building of the ENS Paris-Saclay.

All practical informations are available here.