21 March 2022

Virtual seminar : Roman Fasel (Zurich)

Engineering intrinsic π-electron magnetism in atomically-precise carbon nanostructures
11 mars 2022, 11h00.

15 March 2022

JMC 2022 : mini-colloque "2D materials"

« 2D materials for optoelectronics and spin/valley-tronics » : a mini-colloque at « Journées de la Matière Condensée » (JMC2022) to be held in Lyon on Aug. 22-26, 2022.

8 March 2022

School on Low Dimensional Systems, Montpellier, France

A Summer School on Raman and Photoluminescence spectroscopies on Low Dimensional Systems will be organized in Montpellier from the 04 to 08 of July 2022.
Registration is now open!

1 February 2022

Virtual seminar : Katharina FRANKE (FU Berlin)

Quantum spins and hybridization in artificially-constructed chains of magnetic adatoms on superconducting 2H-NbSe 2
Tuesday, 8 Feb 2022, 11h

11 January 2022

Annual meeting 2022 : Dourdan (Paris area)

The annual meeting of the GDR and GDR-I Graphene and co will be held in Dourdan (Paris area), May 9-13, 2022.

7 December 2021

A tribute to François Ducastelle

The GDR pays tribute to one of its recently deceased members.

30 November 2021

Virtual seminar : Sergio Valenzuela (IC2N, Spain)

Proximity effects in van der Waals heterostructures
Friday, 3 dec 2021, 14h

28 October 2021

Virtual seminar : Vincent Renard (Grenoble)

"Heterostrain determines the flatbands in twisted gaphene layers.”

20 July 2021

3rd virtual seminar of the GDR : Preden Rouleau (CEA)

"Unveiling excitonic properties of magnons in a quantum Hall ferromagnet."